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Lighthouse Coatings and Beixin Coatings joined hands at the 2020 Shanghai International Coatings Expo
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From September 2nd to September 4th, the 2020 Shanghai International Coatings Expo and the 20th Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition opened at the Shanghai New National Exhibition。灯塔涂料携手Beixin coatingTogether with more than 200 exhibitors of paint, paint raw materials and equipment from home and abroad, they gathered in Shanghai to participate in the exhibition。Due to attracting a large number of finished coating enterprises to participate in the biennial Expo is also known as the most veritable "paint exhibition"。

Wechat photo _20200907084952.jpgThe lighthouse company has the first national recognized enterprise technology center in China's paint industry and the first China famous trademark, China Time-honored brand, Jinmen time-honored brand, Tianjin famous trademark, Tianjin City"Little Giant" enterprises。It has undertaken national important scientific research projects and Tianjin's "mace" scientific research projects, yesTianjin Aerospace Special Coatings Enterprise Key Laboratory,With high-end paint R & D equipment and high-level professional scientific research personnel team, is the national paint engineering professional excellent engineer enterprise talent training base。Committed to aviation, aerospace, weapons, construction, machinery, ships, Bridges, vehicles, heavy anti-corrosion, industrial waterborne paint and other paint varieties development services。


Company adheringThe spirit of "inheritance, innovation and development",Give full play to the advantages of lighthouse, to provide customers with perfect painting solutions, appropriate products and satisfactory service"For the mission, advocate"Adhere to continuous improvement, carry forward the quality of lighthouse;Customer requirements as a starting point, customer satisfaction for the purpose"The quality policy, efforts to achieveTransform the resource advantages of brand and technology into economic benefits, do fine military paint, do special industrial paint, do excellent civilian paint, and become a modern paint and coating enterprise trusted by users, respected by the industry and respected by the society。

It is reported that the 2020 Shanghai International Coatings Expo is the first large-scale event of the global coatings industry this year。The theme of the expo is "Green manufacturing moving forward together",It aims to promote the green development of paint industry and paint upstream and downstream industries,To promote technological innovation, service innovation and environmental innovation;Accurately pulse the actual needs and trends of the coating industry and the entire industry chain,We will integrate green industrialization with IT application,Build a green paint upstream and downstream exchange, display, cooperation platform,Create new opportunities for the development of the industry。