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Lighthouse Coatings set up aerospace special coatings research center and merged into the innovation center in Zhongguancun, Binhai
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 Lighthouse Company was founded in 1916, is one of the famous paint manufacturing enterprises in China。"Lighthouse" paint represents the pride of China's national paint industry。我国The first homemade aircraft, the first Red flag car, the first liberation car, the first tractor, the first Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the first artificial Earth satellite, the first "Changerbundle" carrier rocket, the use of "lighthouse" paint。"Lighthouse" paint or our country "Shenzhou" series of manned spacecraft, "Chang 'e" lunar orbiting satellite, "Tiangong" manned space station, "Long March" carrier rocketThe professional coating supporting enterprises have made great contributions to China's aerospace industry。
China Academy of Coating Science is a scientific research and innovation platform built by China National Building Materials Group relying on China Coating Industry Association, National Enterprise Technology Center, academician workstation, State Key Laboratory, etc。Aerospace Special Coatings Research Center is an important project of China Academy of Coatings Science,It will rely on the advantages of lighthouse coatings in the field of aerospace coatings,Integrate technical resources, gather high-end talents, and focus on the scientific research and development of aviation and aerospace special coatings,Speed up the breakthrough of key materials in the field of aerospace "stuck neck" technology,Break through industrial bottlenecks,Firmly grasp the initiative of innovation and development,Occupy the commanding heights of material technology。
       China Academy of Coating Science Aerospace Special Coating Research center settled in Binhai Zhongguancun (Tianjin self-created area) Innovation center, innovation center good location advantages, entrepreneurial environment and increasingly sound innovation ecosystem for the sustainable development of the center to provide strong technical support。Lighthouse Coatings will strive to build a research center of aerospace special coatings with international advanced level, gather outstanding scientific and technological talents, create first-class scientific and technological achievements, guide the scientific and technological progress of the industry, and contribute to the construction of the national aerospace industry。