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With a dream, start again, lighthouse paint to help Shenzhou 13 launch success!
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A Long March 2F carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou-13 manned spacecraft was launched at 0:23 Beijing time on October 16。After that, the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft successfully separated from the rocket, entered the predetermined orbit, and successfully sent the three astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu into space. The flight team was in good condition and the launch was a complete success。
The Shenzhou 13 mission is the decisive battle and the closing battle of the key technology verification stage of the space station, and it is also the key battle in the process of on-orbit construction of the space station。Through the Shenzhou-13 mission, the functional performance of the engineering systems to perform the space station mission will be more comprehensively evaluated, as well as the matching and coordination between the systems。In the launch mission, lighthouse coatings provided special coatings for Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft to help astronauts travel to space。



Lighthouse paintBecause of its excellent insulation and three defense properties, it has participated in the supply of coatings from Shenzhou V to Shenzhou 13, contributing to the development of the space industry of the motherland。图片
The Shenzhou-13 manned spacecraft mission will break China's record for the longest stay on the space station and start the construction phase of the space station。With the International Space Station due to close in a few years, China will be the only country in the world with a space station in space。This is not only the pride of our people, but also the pride of the world。Lighthouse coatings can undertake the task of providing supporting coatings for the Shenzhou series manned spacecraft, which is something that every lantern tower person is very proud of。As a "key defense unit", this is also our bounden responsibility and obligation。


Lighthouse Coatings, as China's aerospace supporting coatings enterprises, will continue to deepen research in the field of aerospace coatings in the future, inherit the spirit of aerospace, a total of national dreams, to develop high standards, high quality aerospace coatings as their responsibility, to contribute to the motherland's aerospace industry lighthouse power!