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Space new journey | Lighthouse coating to help Shenzhou XV successful launch!
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      北京时间2022年11月29日23时08分,神舟十五号载人飞船成功发射!在此次发射任务中,Lighthouse paint为神舟十五号载人飞船提供专用涂料,助力神舟十五号成功发射,再添航天新功绩!      神舟十五号入轨后之后,Will dock with the forward docking port of the sky core module,Thus forming the largest configuration of the first phase of the Tiangong space station,Namely "three segments" + "three ships",That is, the Tianhe core module, the sky experiment module, the dream Day experiment module, the Tianzhou 5 cargo spacecraft, the Shenzhou 14, and the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft are in orbit at the same time,Space station assembly with a total weight of over 100 tons。The six astronauts will "meet" in space and work together in orbit for about a week。      神舟十五号载人飞船由长征二号F遥十五运载火箭助推升空,运载火箭中的发动机是火箭的最关键部件,其外部涂料由百年民族品牌——Lighthouse paint所提供。The product can work continuously for no less than 10 cycles under -180℃-500℃ high and low temperature environment, while meeting the requirements of high-frequency vibration of the engine, providing a solid protection for the engine and escorting the rocket launch。      天宫空间站作为神舟十五号载人火箭的终点站,同样有着Lighthouse paint的身影。The high temperature insulating paint of lighthouse coating is used as the protective coating for the motor and electrical coil in the space station cabin. The product can withstand the high temperature of 200℃ for a long time and has excellent thermal shock performance and insulation performance。       Lighthouse coating was founded in 1916, has been nearly 106 years of development history。China's first red flag car, the first liberation car, the first tractor, the first Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the first artificial Earth satellite, the first "Changerbundle" carrier rocket...All with lighthouse paint!      中国工业发展历史上,"Lighthouse" paint represents the pride of China's national paint industry,And has been in the national key military projects, special coatings and other advanced fields of development, production and application,Especially in the field of aerospace has made remarkable achievements,China's manned space project "Shenzhou" 5 to "Shenzhou" 14 spacecraft, "Chang 'e 1", "Chang 'e 2", "Chang 'e 3" lunar satellites, "Tiangong 1" space station, Long March series carrier rockets are selected for "lighthouse" paint。来源 | Lighthouse Coatings editor | Marketing Department · END ,