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Chinese brand China power | lighthouse coating appearance at the Expo!
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August 3-5, 2023,2023 China International Coatings Fair and the 21st China International Coatings Exhibition opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center!All three pavilions are open on site,The exhibition area is 100,000 square meters,More than 50,000 visitors!Exhibition to "quality development,The theme is "Technology Empowerment",The world's top 50 well-known domestic and foreign paint manufacturers gathered at the Huangpu River,Together with the upstream and downstream industry chains,Show new products, new technologies and new trends in the coating industry。Lighthouse coating at the Expo!

At the exhibition site, Lighthouse Coatings made a comprehensive display on the development history of the enterprise, the main product applications, and the fields of cooperation。Lighthouse coating was founded in 1916, has a history of 107 years, is the first domestic coating industry to obtain the "Chinese time-honored brand", "China well-known trademark", the first batch of "national recognized enterprise technology center" paint brand。

Lighthouse coating has always been revitalizing national enterprises as a mission, and has been gathering strength for a hundred years, and has been developing, producing and applying in advanced fields such as national key military projects and special coatings。Since the 1950s, lighthouse paint has covered the domestic "coat" for the first fighter jet made in China.。Lighthouse coating time and again with the "big country heavy instrument" to fly to the vast star, China's first artificial Earth satellite, the first "long two bundles" carrier rocket, "Chang 'e" satellite around the moon, Shenzhou series manned spacecraft have applied lighthouse coating。In addition, China's first red flag car, the first liberation car, the first tractor, the first Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, etc., have also applied lighthouse paint。

Lighthouse coating products cover aerospace/weapons equipment/wind power/transportation equipment/engineering and agricultural machinery/ocean and river equipment/bridge and steel structure/energy power and engineering anticorrosive/petroleum and petrochemical/industrial floor ten fields,It has made remarkable achievements in many industries,The exhibition site attracted many industry colleagues and customers to communicate and negotiate。

Through the learning and exchange of this exhibition, Lighthouse coating will continue to play its own advantages, provide customers with high-quality products and perfect coating solutions, and strive to transform the resource advantages of brand and technology into economic benefits, under the guidance of the "one and two wings" strategy of Beixin building Materials"Paint wing" strong contribution force。

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