Introduction to lighthouses

Tianjin Lighthouse coating industry development Co., LTD

Founded in 1916, Tianjin Lighthouse Coating Industry Development Co., Ltd. is a central enterprise directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and a holding company of China National Building Materials Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It is the core industrial coating enterprise of Beixin Group Building Materials Co., Ltd. under the development strategy of "One body, two wings, global layout"。"Lighthouse" paint represents the pride of the development of China's national industry for more than one hundred years, has always been the vanguard of China's national paint industry, is a national key "defense" unit, and has made outstanding contributions to China's aerospace industry。

Lighthouse Coating in Tianjin Nangang Industrial zone green intelligent industrial coating industry base, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of paint, 20,000 tons of resin production capacity, with advanced production and environmental protection equipment and perfect intensive management facilities。The company has high quality solvent coatings, water-based and new environmental protection coatings,The market covers aerospace, weapons and equipment, wind power blades, transportation equipment, engineering and agricultural machinery, ocean and river equipment, Bridges and steel structures, energy and power and engineering anticorrosion, petroleum and petrochemical, industrial floor and other fields,Marketing network all over the country,Successfully exported to more than a dozen countries and regions。The company has passed the GB/T19001 quality management system certification, GB/T24001 environmental management system certification, GB/T45001 occupational health and safety management system certification,China Environmental label product certification, China Railway product certification, China Classification Society factory certification and all kinds of military equipment R & D manufacturing qualification certification,With a complete modern management and quality assurance system。

Lighthouse paint comprehensively promote "strengthen military paint.,Make big industrial paint,To build the first brand of China's industrial coatings "strategic goal,Put the market first,To provide customers with high quality coating products and value services,Pour out ingenuity,Centuries-old lighthouse,Create a national lacquer light,To promote the rejuvenation of China's industrial coatings innovation,Keep creating!

The company's registered trademark "Lighthouse", Jinmen time-honored brand, China time-honored brand。The company inherits the century-old history of lighthouse coating, has won many awards in the national coating competition, and won the credit certificate issued by the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, the contract, the reputation of the unit。

The company has strong technical force, and has the national recognized enterprise technology center of China's paint industry。The company has a complete modern management system and quality assurance system。It has passed GJB9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification, China Environmental Label product certification, Railway Product Certification (CRCC), China Classification Society certification and a series of qualification certifications。

The "Lighthouse" coating produced by the company represents the pride of China's national coating industry。In the national key military projects and aerospace engineering, it has undertaken the development, production and application of a large number of special coatings, making due contributions to China's aerospace industry。China's manned space project "Shenzhou" 5, "Shenzhou" 6, "Shenzhou" 7, "Shenzhou" 8, "Shenzhou" 9, "Shenzhou" 10, "Chang 'e 1", "Chang 'e 2", "Chang 'e 3" lunar satellites, "Tiangong 1" space station, Long March 5 carrier rocket, "Tianwen 1" probe selected "lighthouse brand" paint。

The company's marketing network has spread throughout the northeast, North China, southwest, northwest, Southeast and other regions;China First Automobile Group, China Second Automobile Group, Tianjin Automobile Group, China Aerospace Corporation and domestic military enterprises are all long-term business partners of the company。Products in addition to domestic sales, but also exported to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Central Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North America and other more than a dozen countries and regions。

The purpose of the company is to adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, integrity management, specializing in brand management, product development, marketing services。The business scope includes: research and development, sales and technology transfer, consulting and service of coatings, resins, thinners, auxiliaries and pigments;Operation and sales of paints, pigments and related chemical raw materials;Operation and sales of coating equipment, instruments and packaging materials;Import and export of products and technologies。

The company underwent reform, reorganization and asset integration,Established to concentrate superior resources,Strengthen and enlarge the development strategy of "lighthouse coating" industrial base,Make full use of the "lighthouse" brand, science and technology research and development, network marketing and other comprehensive advantages,Expand and improve the domestic marketing service system,Continuously enhance the brand and service value,Take the lead in adapting to today's users' increasingly stringent requirements for safety, reliability, green environmental protection, quality and performance,We will vigorously promote innovation in science, technology and management,Supported by technology development,Take the road of high-tech enterprises,Enhance the core competitiveness of lighthouse,Leading the new trend of the development of China's coating industry。